What benefits will your business’s brand experience from a professional brand session?

Wondering how your personal or business brand could benefit from a professional photo session? Read on to find out!

Using professional photos from your brand session across your marketing platforms helps to build trust with your audience. 

Have you ever visited a website when searching for a service provider and there were no photos of the business owner or team members? Seeing a face rather than just words on a screen creates familiarity between the audience and the business owner or service provider. Trust is built more easily and potential customers are more likely to get in touch with an enquiry if they can see who they are reaching out to. 

A set of professional photos creates visual consistency for your brand. 

Using professional photos on your website or within a blog post creates consistency to the design and overall look of the content. Visual consistency can be achieved across all of your marketing platforms and channels when you utilise your brand images well.

Your photo session will provide you with a variety of different styles of images that can be used across different marketing channels and platforms to convey different messages. 

From a classic studio portrait for use on LinkedIn, to a more dynamic outdoor portrait suitable for a news article, or a portrait in landscape format suitable to use for blog banners, hero shots for your website and social media pages, a photo session can offer you images to use for various purposes across your marketing platforms. 

A professional photographer has knowledge on different image compositions that suit various formats across the marketing platforms. The image below shows “negative space” to the right of the subject which can be used for an overlay of text. Make the most of the strategy call with the photographer prior to your session to discuss where and how you’re looking to use your professional images.

Professional brand images have an impact on the perception others have on your brand’s level of professionalism or the quality of your products

And keep in mind that professional images don’t just have an impact on potential customers. They’re also seen by other businesses looking to potentially partner with you or work with your brand in some capacity. 

A brand session gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart within the industry. 

Your photo session is bespoke to you and your business’s brand. A strategy call with the photographer prior to your session is an opportunity to discuss how your business’s unique brand identity will be expressed through the images you receive in your photo gallery. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how your personal or business brand is unique. 

Having brand portraits or professional product shots on hand means you can immediately provide them to businesses you partner with so they can easily promote your business and offering on their platforms. 

Have you ever worked with another business, big or small, and they’ve requested a headshot to promote the work you’re doing? Perhaps you’re a guest presenter for an online workshop, you’ve collaborated on a service offering with another business or someone simply wants to support your business and promote what you do. 

PR professional Angela Cowley from Eight Communications had her portraits taken by Fancy Boy Photography and was able to provide them to an online publication that was writing an article about Angela. In an interview with Fancy Boy Photography Angela said, “having professional portraits on hand which I can use to promote my business and what I do is so important. […] I have been able to use them on multiple platforms for a wide range of purposes”.

An image can communicate a lot about an individual’s personality. 

Your online presence is likely the first opportunity for you to make an impression on potential clients. There are many ways unique aspects of your personality can be expressed to your target segments through images taken during a brand session. From the props you bring along, the clothes you wear, your body language during the session and more. 

Images from a professional session can also show how personable you are with others. Bringing along a friend to your session to act as a client can show your audience how you interact with clients. 

Professional portraits are a visual tool that can help you establish yourself as a thought leader within a particular industry. 

If you’re taking the leap to be freelance consultant and you’re looking to build your personal brand, a gallery of professional portraits can help you establish your place within the industry. Use the images across platforms such as your website, on your LinkedIn profile or for any media articles that are a part of a PR campaign. 

As you can see there are many benefits of having a gallery of professional images on hand from a brand session. In what ways could your business or personal brand benefit?