Our specialty is editorial style portraits which capture your personality and individuality.

A professional portrait can take your branding and business to the next level. This is often the very first moment customers interact with you, and with a great portrait photo you can start to paint the picture of who you are and what you stand for.

Whether you’re intending your portrait to be used on your website banner, a consultant business listing, social media profile,  artist portfolio, or even published in a magazine, we understand the importance of composing your photograph to suit various mediums. We take into consideration where you might want to use text overlay (for a banner image) or where you may crop your image to suit a square social profile.

And when it comes to the photography session itself, we’ll get to know you a little and ease you into feeling comfortable and ready for the ‘click-click’ of the camera.

Now it’s over to you. Do you need a single portrait photograph or a suite of images for your business? Our packages cater for both options, and if you are still unsure feel free to contact me.

$95 Headshot Friday Special

Our style is natural, relaxed and authentic, and tailored to the more personalised nature of doing contemporary business.

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  • Allison Greenland

    Portrait Suite for Allison as Director of Leap into Literacy

  • Brian Fox

    Consultant Portfolio for Brian, Consultant and previously the CEO of The Good Guys

  • Alexandra Sarmed

    Business Portrait for Alexandra as Partner, Kingston Fox Laywers

  • Emily Ravlich

    Business Portrait of Emily, Administrative Assistant for Cred Consulting

  • Ishanthi Gunawardana

    Consultant Suite

  • April McCabe

    Business Portrait for April, Associate Director of Cred ConsultingCred Consulting