Close up of beautifully crafted chair by Lou Harris

Portrait Suite: Lou Harriss – artisan

Lou phoned me pretty much at the last minute on a Friday – Could I photograph some chairs and if so, could I photograph them that afternoon? Lou described her chairs and I was intrigued so I said “Absolutely! Bring them in.”

Lou’s chairs are beautifully made pieces of art. They are finely detailed pieces of woodwork, elegantly proportioned and exquisitely finished.  The initial brief was for the purpose of a catalogue so I suggested a suite of images as well as a portrait. Lou was so happy with the results she came back recently with another piece – to be photographed – a gorgeous jewellery cabinet.

The more Lou explained about the process the more I became intrigued. So next I’m heading to Lou’s Mittagong workshop sometime in the next few weeks. Stay tuned…

<<update >>

The workshop photographs can now be viewed here.

Lou Harris