Meet Oriane Juncker, Entrepreneur and founder of online marketplace ‘Spotz’.

Oriane is a highly ambitious and passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Spotz – a mum-to-mum marketplace that empowers small business owner mums by enabling them to earn money on their own terms when selling their products and services on the platform.

Oriane recently came to our studio for a Starter Suite session. During the session we had a great conversation about her work at Spotz and how the business came to be. We wanted to find out more about Oriane’s journey that brought her to where she is today, so we reached out and she was happy to share her experience with us!

Oriane was born in France and lived in various locations around the world before moving to Sydney with her family. Her journey and experience with many different cultures has lead her to question existing cultural norms and whether they play a role in defining, in Oriane’s words, “who we become versus who we truly are”.


Have there been a number of key moments or experiences throughout your life that led you onto your current path and purpose?

“For most of my life, I have always challenged the status quo, norms, traditions, cultures, beliefs, conformism but with a feeling of guilt. I tried very hard to stick to the social norms and after mostly failing at it all these years, I discovered it was actually a blessing in disguise. It took me 30 years to free myself from that misconception! 

Challenging everything constantly led me to realise that there is still a long way to go for evolution to take place with established norms around the woman’s role and I want to accelerate that evolution by giving women more opportunities to harness their true power.

There are two key things that I am obsessed with – being financially independent to be my own master and most importantly to be of service to others which is my WHY. I am fascinated with women; I think we are beautiful and have much more power than we are aware of and this is why we have been oppressed for centuries across different cultures. Despite being born in France in the 80s, I have often suffered from being a woman in a society mostly led by men. 

Now living in Australia, I was recently told that while I was on maternity leave, my career was considered in “hibernation”. As a matter of fact, I am also paid $30K less than my husband for the same role, in the same company. Talking with women and mums around me, I eventually realised that these inequalities were accepted as a norm in our society despite living in a developed country. I decided to channel my frustrations into something positive and create a sustainable solution. This is how Spotz was born.”

What makes Spotz different from other online marketplaces that are out there?

“First we are not only going to be a marketplace selling products, we will soon allow mums to also sell their services. Plus, once our community is big enough, we will start to say what change we want to see in our society and influence policy makers using the power of our number. We are 25% of the population so we have a good chance to be heard if we gather and speak from one voice!”

You had your portraits taken by Matthew to provide to a blog writer who was writing an article about Spotz. You have experience in the marketing industry as well as having completed studies in the area. How important do you think professional portraits are for the small business owner or entrepreneur?

“I think a photo portrait that really shows who you are is essential to convey the message you want to convey to your audience. […] If the picture is not aligned with who you are and your message, people unconsciously feel a disconnect and therefore a lack of truth.”

Can you tell us about any exciting plans or initiatives coming up for Spotz?

“We have developed the marketplace for mums to sell their products and we are now about to develop the second big part of our project which is to allow mums to sell their services. The last phase will then be to develop Spotz’ big vision to start influencing policy makers to shape a more mum-friendly society.”

Thank you for sharing your entrepreneurial journey with us Oriane. We’re looking forward to seeing the next stage of growth for Spotz!

To find out more about Spotz head to the Spotz website.