Luke Durack Portrait in Black and White at Fancy Boy Photography Studio

Business Suite: Luke Durack Architects


There’s something really special about photographing practical creatives in their element…

Luke Durack is a very personable up and coming Sydney architect whom I had the good fortune to photograph both in the studio and at work recently.

Having seen him in action I can now vouch for his elegantly casual knack for translating living needs into spacial realities through his beautifully understated passion for volumes and light. He responds easily to clients and builders alike and for a busy young architect and family man he has the air of an artist with all the time in the world.


Luke Durack Architect with Client

Luke Durack Architect Plans

Luke Durack Architect on build site

Luke Durack drawing up plansLuke Durack Architect on site with builderPortrait of Luke Durack Architect