Experience the benefits of having professional portraits on hand

If a request came through today for professional portraits of you or your team would you have them on hand to send through?

Whether you need to provide portraits to media for editorial, to businesses you partner with for promotional purposes, or your graphic designer to update your marketing channels, having professional images on hand means you’re able to provide them to those who need them in a faster time-frame.

Angela Cowley is the Managing Director at Eight Communications, a boutique Public Relations agency dedicated to offering creative and strategic communications for brands within the hospitality, hotel, property, travel and tourism sector. 

Being immersed in the world of PR, Angela understands the impact professional portraits can have on personal and business brands.

“Being in the field of PR and branding – be it personal or commercial – it is so critical as it conveys the message and the essence of what you want to project. Having professional portraits on hand which I can use to promote my business and what I do is so important”.

When an online publication published an interview with Angela on work-life balance Angela was able to provide the publication with one of the images from her Fancy Boy Photography shoot.

“Through the wonderful images that Matthew was able to capture, I have been able to use them on multiple platforms for a wide range of purposes”.

There’s more of a challenge for service professionals to communicate and promote what they do. Compared to a product a service is less tangible.

Angela says, “When clients are looking for a PR agency to represent them, it’s important that they can put a face to the business and get a feel for who they will be putting their trust in. Matthew captured what I wanted to convey perfectly”.

Have you considered studio portraits to elevate your business or personal brand?

Our Starter Suite package is a 30 minute studio session that delivers 4 high impact digital portraits. For details and pricing on this package, head to our website