Are you looking to rebrand, need to freshen up your headshots or are you a professional start-up
needing more than one professional photo?


We specialise in Headshots, Portraits, Starter Suites to Business Branding, Website and Social Media Content Suites.


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Headshot Friday

$99 on a Headshot Friday because we have set up the studio and are ready to go - one background choice.

Single Headshot

$165 single headshot on any other day - one background choice

Starter Suite

$275 for a set of 4 with 2 different looks

Business Branding Suite

$495 for a set of 30 with multiple looks, indoor/outdoor - branding suite (all portraits or a mix of things, can be more than one person, products etc)

Website Suite

$770 website suite - 2 hours and 50+ images for freshening up your website, as well as a library of creative image content to use across your branding.


Fancy Boy Photography is a boutique branding photography studio located in Sydney’s Inner West. Situated within an old, converted box factory you will find a modern creative space featuring textured walls, props, ready-to-shoot backdrops, as well as stunning outdoor spaces to capture the true essence of you, your brand or business.


We work all over Sydney and love to photograph a whole range of editorial and business photography for consultants, artists, creative teams and entrepreneurs.


Whether it’s shooting professional headshots, branding suites, food photography to helping a client with a rebrand or creating a suite of content for use on your socials or website, we love what we do!


With a fresh perspective, the end results are perfect for print, website & digital presence, and the all-important social media profiles.

“Words cannot describe how happy I am with the photos taken by Matthew for my business Meld Business Services. Matthew took the time to understand what I wanted, even though I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted! He was able to expertly get to the core of what I do and how I needed to present my brand to the world.”

– Mel Daniels, Meld Business Services


Our belief is that a less traditional, more engaging and real (if casually elegant) style of photography works better for you and your brand.


Great photos engage by connecting great people with great ideas and that’s how we achieve great results that our clients are proud of.

“Through the wonderful images that Matthew was able to capture, I have been able to use them on multiple platforms for a wide range of purposes”

– Angela Crowley, Eight Communications


“the quickest way to convince your prospective clients of your presence, quality and purpose. It’s this editorial, storytelling approach that I specialise in...”

Matthew Duchesne and Anni PayneMeet Matthew Duchesne, AKA ‘Fancy Boy’, an award-winning Photographer and Owner alongside wife Anni, who together run Fancy Boy Photography and Milk & Honey Photography, their Family Portrait Brand.


Matthew has a passion for storytelling and capturing the essence you wish to portray to potential clients and brands, and is one of many reasons why clients return to us again and again…and I did I mention he’s some won awards? 😉


If you are feeling nervous or hesitant in deciding what type of photos to have taken. Matthew’s 15 years of photography experience, and ability to quickly develop an understanding of your business and most importantly of what type of images your clients will engage with best will put you at ease.

“I underestimated the value of a good photo to help others get an idea of who you are! I would trust Matthew any time to understand what to get across in a photo and how to leave all your nerves behind while having a camera in action!”

– Rachel King, Consultant


Whether you’re intending your portrait to be used on your website banner, a consultant business listing, social media profile, artist portfolio, or even published in a magazine, we understand the importance of composing your photograph to suit various mediums. We take into consideration where you might want to use text overlay (for a banner image) or where you may crop your image to suit a square social profile.


Giving some thought to how you actually want to use your new images can be a very helpful thing to consider. Sharing this information with your photographer prior to your session will also help them to plan the type of shots of most value to you on the day. That way you will get more useful images and more shelf-life out of those images too.


Depending on what package you purchase your session will include one or more indoor and/or outdoor locations. Before choosing your brand session package think about the kinds of locations that would suit your brand and what you’re wanting to communicate to your audience. Your photographer will be happy to discuss this prior to the day of your session and is likely to have plenty of suggestions.


Some brand sessions allow for a change of outfit too. This allows you to communicate a different message depending on the audience you’re speaking to, for example your newsletter contacts versus a job application, and which marketing channels you’re publishing to, for example LinkedIn versus Instagram.


If you are unsure of what to wear. Our advice is that you wear something that feels a little bit special, and is something that you would wear if you were meeting with your ideal client.


For some people they might feel more confident by purchasing a new outfit or even having their hair and makeup done professionally.


Having said that this is a personal decision and others may prefer a fuss-free approach, choosing to wear something they already own, know that works for them and love to wear.


Also, if your personal or business’ brand has a particular ‘look and feel’ you might incorporate that into your photos. For example, you might choose to use props that help you communicate your message to your audience.


Before the day of your brand session try to think about any items that you can bring along that might help enhance your message about your brand. We can also give you examples of what past clients have used to best effect.


When it comes to the photography session itself, we’ll get to know you a little and ease you into feeling comfortable and ready for the ‘click-click’ of the camera.


For further details about our packages or if you’re just curious please free to get in touch via our contact form or give Matthew a buzz on 0414 412 185.